Burn Permits

A springtime reminder, grass and leaves that were on the ground over the winter are very dry and can ignite easily from a spark or an ember

If you intend to burn yard debris, make sure that weather conditions are favorable. Go to Michigan.gov/BurnPermit to see if burn permits are being issued in your area.

Here are some other safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Never leave any fire unattended.
  • Keep a hose or other water source nearby when burning yard waste or enjoying a campfire or bonfire.
  • Prevent sparks. Keep trailer chains from dragging and don’t park hot equipment on dry grass.
  • Do not shoot fireworks into the woods or into dry grass or shrubs.
  • It’s illegal to burn plastic, hazardous materials, foam or other household trash. This can release dangerous chemicals into the air.
  • Use a burn barrel with a screen on top to burn paper, leaves and natural materials.

Get more safety tips at Michigan.gov/PreventWildfires.

The state of Michigan does not require burn permits, however permission to burn is required via the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Permission to Burn map available on-line DNR Burn Permits Map (state.mi.us)

Michigan law allows burning of:

  • Leaves, grass, limbs, brush, stumps and evergreen needles
  • Household paper materials that do not contain plastic, rubber, foam, chemically treated wood, textiles, electronics, chemicals or hazardous materials. These must be burned in a covered metal or masonry container with openings no larger than ¾ inches.

Visit Michigan Department of Natural Resources for more information Michigan.gov/BurnPermit.


Offenders will also be required to reimburse the township(s) for all costs associated with an emergency response.

Have You Ordered Your New Fire Number Sign?

With so many houses tucked away in the woods and around the many lakes, first responders rely heavily on your fire number to find your home in an emergency. Without a legible or visible sign, precious minutes could be lost.

If you have not already done so, please order a new fire number sign. It should be at the end of your driveway, where it can be seen from either travel direction on the road, in a position where is does not get covered by snow in the winter.

If you have any questions, please call 906.358.4501

Law Enforcement Bulletin: DEA Phone Scam

ALERT:  Residents are receiving phone calls claiming to be from the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) or other government agency that attempt to get your personal information by saying there is a problem with your Social Security number or that it was stolen.  Caller ID may look legitimate but it is not.  If you receive such a call, do not give out your name, birthdate, social security or any other personal information.  Hang up and call local law enforcement at (906) 358-2048 so that the call can be tracked and reported.