Fire Number Road Name Blades Now Available

Many residents expressed their disappointment when it was announced that road names were going to be removed from the fire number signs due to the need for a road audit in Watersmeet.

The township is now making available separate road name blade signs.  These signs are 3” x 20” and can be attached directly below the fire number sign.  The cost is $14.00 per sign.

While acknowledging the additional expense, this is the best option to reduce the number of fire number signs that might have to be replaced after a road audit.  The township is not encouraging the purchase of the road name signs and will not be responsible for their replacement if a road name changes. This is an offer of compromise for those who felt strongly about having a road name on their fire number sign.

For consistency and to avoid confusion to emergency responders, the road name blades must match, exactly, the township road sign.

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