Ottawa National Forest Seeking Resource Advisory Committee Members

A message from Ottawa National Forest:

Dear Friend of the Forest:

The Ottawa National Forest is seeking candidates to serve on our Resource Advisory Committee (RAC).

Through the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self Determination Act (SRS), the federal government provides funds to counties which contain National Forest System lands to reimburse them for the potential loss of revenue from property taxes.  Resource Advisory Committees are established as a provision of the SRS Act and are responsible for reviewing and recommending projects for implementation under Title II of the Act.  Title II funds cannot be expended until the RAC is formed and makes recommendations on how to utilize the available funds.

Each RAC has nine to 15 representatives of varied interests and areas of expertise. They work collaboratively to improve working relationships among community members and national forest employees.  The Committee is formed from different interest groups to ensure that a broad spectrum of the community’s interests are represented in the allocation process of the Title II funds. Three broad categories with five subgroups form the spectrum of interests to be represented on the RAC. These three categories are:

  1. Labor, business, commercial interests
  2. Environmental, conservation, dispersed recreation interests
  3. Tribal, state, and local governments

While serving on the RAC you will have an opportunity to review projects; recommend to the federal official which projects receive funding; to participate openly and meaningfully in project development; to monitor projects approved under the Act; to advise on the progress of monitoring; and to make recommendations for any appropriate changes or adjustments to projects being monitored.

We are excited about this opportunity to work with a broad range of interest groups and utilize these funds to improve natural resources conditions and infrastructure within the Ottawa National Forest.  Previous projects that our RACs have approved, funded and implemented include:

  • Cisco Chain of Lakes Aquatic Invasive Species Control Program
  • Hunter Access Improvement
  • Plains Road Bridge Improvements
  • Black River Harbor Pavilion Renovation
  • Bluff Creek Bank Stabilization

If you are interested in becoming a RAC member, please fill out the enclosed nomination forms and return to the address provided.  Forms can also be downloaded from our website at and emailed to

Advisory Committee or Research and Promotion Background Information

Secure Rural Schools Resource Advisory Committee Membership Interest

If you have questions please feel free to give me a call at the number below.  Thank you,

Lisa Klaus
Public & Administrative Affairs
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Ottawa National Forest

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