Planning & Zoning

Land Division/Zoning Administrator

  • Receive Zoning Certificate Applications for land use permits and issue or deny the same.
  • Receive Proposed Land Division Applications 
  • Enforce the Watersmeet Township Zoning Ordinance.


Mark Erhart

906-358-4501 or
Office Hours. Monday 8 a.m. - 2 p.m
Drop-ins are accepted, appointments are encouraged

Building Inspector

  • Issue building permits
  • Inspect buildings or structures to determine compliance with the land use permits issued.

State Construction and Permit Information


Dan Kline
906-358-4501 (office)
906-366-0261 (cell)

Office Hours. None set, drop-ins are accepted, appointments are encouraged.


  • Formulate and adopt a Master Plan for the Township’s land use development and preservation.
  • Maintain and update the Watersmeet Township Zoning Ordinance.
  • Review site plans for all major developments in the township and make recommendations.
  • Review all zoning change requests and special use requests.

Members are appointed by the Board of Trustees for a term of two years ending on December 31st.

To contact Planning Commission:


Regular meetings are usually held on the second (2nd) Wednesday of odd numbered months (Jan/Mar/May/Jul/Sept/Nov) at 5:30 PM at the Watersmeet Community Center.


Kirsten Boehm – Chair
John Cestowski – Vice-Chair
Tara Pachan – Secretary
Alan Piel – Board Liaison
Simon Zelinski – Member
Jim Gerdes – Member
Pete Cartwright – Member
Jeff Zelinski – Member


The Zoning Board of Appeals conducts hearings for property owners or prospective buyers requesting a variance or deviation from the Watersmeet Township Zoning Ordinance or an interpretation of the ordinance language. An application and supporting documentation must be submitted. The ZBA will only grant variances in the rarest situations as the zoning regulations are intended to protect the general health, safety, and welfare of the township.

Members are appointed by the Board of Trustees for a term of three years ending on December 31st.

To contact Zoning Board of Appeals:


Meetings are held on an as-needed basis to address zoning appeals and/or zoning ordinance interpretation.


Cheryl Pytlarz - Chair (term exp. 2022)
John Cestkowski- Planning Commission Liaison
Paul Kemppainen - Board Liaison
Greg Clark - Member (term exp. 2024)
John Oliver - Member (term exp. 2022)
Dave Neumann - Alternate (term exp. 2022)
Bob Zelinski - Alternate (term exp. 2023)

Planning & Zoning Meetings

Planning Commission regular meetings are usually held on the second (2nd) Wednesday of each month at 5:30 PM at the Watersmeet Community Center.

Zoning Board of Appeal meetings are held on an as-needed basis to address zoning appeals and/or zoning ordinance interpretation.

Meeting DateCategoryTitleNoticesMinutes
01/26/2023Town Board2023-01-26 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
01/17/2023Roadway Commission2023-01-17 Roadway Commission Meeting
01/11/2023Planning & Zoning2023-01-11 Planning Commission Meeting ~ Draft Minutes
01/10/2023Town Board2023-01-10 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
01/06/2023Town Board2023-01-06 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
12/21/2022Town Board2022-12-21 Board of Trustees Meeting
12/19/2022Town Board2022-12-19 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
12/06/2022Town Board2022-12-06 Board of Trustees Special Meeting - Draft Minutes
11/16/2022Town Board2022-11-16 Board of Trustees Meeting
11/09/2022Roadway Commission2022-11-09 Road Committee Meeting~Draft Minutes
11/09/2022Planning & Zoning2022-11-09 Planning Commission Meeting~Draft Minutes
10/19/2022Town Board2022-10-19 Board of Trustees Meeting
10/13/2022Roadway Commission2022-10-13 Roadway Commission Meeting~Draft Minutes
10/13/2022Town Board2022-10-13 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
10/12/2022Planning & Zoning2022-10-12 Planning Commisssion Special Meeting - Draft Minutes
09/21/2022Town Board2022-09-21 Board of Trustees Meeting
09/19/2022Roadway Commission2022-09-19 Roadway Commission Meeting
09/14/2022Planning & Zoning2022-09-14 Planning Commission Meeting ~ Draft Minutes
08/25/2022Town Board2022-08-25 Board of Trustees Special Meeting (Closed Session)
09/07/2022Zoning Board of Appeals2022-09-07 Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting ~ Draft Minutes
08/17/2022Town Board2022-08-17 Board of Trustees Meeting
08/10/2022Roadway Commission2022-08-10 Roadway Commission Meeting ~ Draft Minutes
07/20/2022Town Board2022-07-20 Board of Trustees Meeting
07/07/2022Town Board2022-07-07 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
06/22/2022Town Board2022-06-22 Board of Trustees Meeting & Public Hearing (Rescheduled from 6/15/22)
05/11/2022Town Board2022-05-11 Board of Trustees Meeting
05/09/2022Town Board2022-05-09 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
05/18/2022Town Board2022-05-18 Board of Trustees Meeting & Public Hearing
05/02/2022Town Board2022-05-02 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
05/11/2022Planning & Zoning2022-05-11 Planning Commission Meeting - Draft Minutes
04/22/2022Town Board2022-04-22 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
04/20/2022Town Board2022-04-20 Board of Trustees Meeting - Draft Minutes
04/13/2022Town Board2022-04-13 Board of Trustees Meeting
03/28/2022Town Board2022-03-28 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
03/09/2022Town Board2022-03-09 Board of Trustees Meeting
03/18/2022Town Board2022-03-18 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
03/16/2022Town Board2022-03-16 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
03/30/2022Town Board2022-03-30 Board of Trustees Meeting - Public Hearing/Budget Approval
03/08/2022Zoning Board of Appeals2022-03-08 Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting
03/09/2022Planning & Zoning2022-03-09 Planning Commission Meeting - Draft Minutes
02/16/2022Town Board2022-02-16 Board of Trustees Meeting
02/09/2022Planning & Zoning2022-02-09 Planning Commission Meeting
02/10/2022Zoning Board of Appeals2022-02-10 Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting
02/11/2022Town Board2022-02-11 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
02/03/2022Town Board2022-02-03 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
01/26/2022Town Board2022 01 26 Board of Trustees Meeting
01/18/2022Zoning Board of Appeals2022-01-18 Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting
01/06/2022Town Board2022-01-06 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
12/15/2021Town Board2021-12-15 Board of Trustees Meeting
12/09/2021Zoning Board of Appeals2021-12-09 Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting
12/03/2021Town Board2021-12-03 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
11/17/2021Town Board2021-11-17 Board of Trustees Meeting
10/20/2021Town Board2021-10-20 Board of Trustees Meeting
11/12/2021Town Board2021-11-12 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
10/13/2021Town Board2021-10-13 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
09/29/2021Town Board2021-09-29 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
09/15/2021Town Board2021-09-15 Board of Trustees Meeting
08/18/2021Town Board2021-08-18 Board of Trustees Meeting
08/11/2021Town Board2021-08-11 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
08/11/2021Planning & Zoning2021-08-11 Planning Commission Meeting
09/08/2021Planning & Zoning2021-09-08 Planning Commission Meeting
08/30/2021Town Board2021-08-30 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
08/09/2021Town Board2021-08-09 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
07/21/2021Town Board2021-07-21 Board of Trustees Meeting
03/27/2013Town Board03-27-2013 Board Meeting
03/27/2013Town Board03-27-2013 Board Special Meeting
04/04/2013Town Board04-04-2013 Board Special Meeting
04/17/2013Town Board04-17-2013 Board Meeting
04/24/2013Town Board04-24-2013 Board Special Meeting
05/31/2013Town Board05-31-2013 Board Special Meeting
06/19/2013Town Board06-19-2013 Board Meeting
07/17/2013Town Board07-17-2013 Board Meeting
08/21/2013Town Board08-21-2013 Board Meeting
08/22/2013Town Board08-22-2013 Board Special Meeting
09/18/2013Town Board09-18-2013 Board Meeting
10/16/2013Town Board10-16-2013 Board Meeting
11/20/2013Town Board11-20-2013 Board Meeting
12/18/2013Town Board12-18-2013 Board Meeting
01/15/2014Town Board01-15-2014 Board Meeting
02/19/2014Town Board02-19-2014 Board Meeting
03/11/2014Town Board03-11-2014 Board Special Meeting
03/12/2014Town Board03-12-2014 Board Special Meeting
03/19/2014Town Board03-19-2014 Board Special Meeting
03/26/2014Town Board03-26-2014 Board Meeting
04/16/2014Town Board04-16-2014 Board Meeting
05/21/2014Town Board05-21-2014 Board Meeting
06/18/2014Town Board06-18-2014 Board Meeting
07/15/2014Town Board07-15-2014 Board Special Meeting
07/16/2014Town Board07-16-2014 Board Meeting
08/20/2014Town Board08-20-2014 Board Meeting
09/17/2014Town Board09-17-2014 Board Meeting
10/15/2014Town Board10-15-2014 Board Meeting
11/19/2014Town Board11-19-2014 Board Meeting
12/17/2014Town Board12-17-2014 Board Meeting
01/25/2015Town Board01-25-2015 Board Meeting
01/28/2015Town Board01-28-2015 Board Special Meeting
02/18/2015Town Board02-18-2015 Board Meeting
03/25/2015Town Board03-25-2015 Board Meeting
04/15/2015Town Board04-15-2015 Board Meeting
04/17/2015Town Board04-17-2015 Board Special Meeting
04/22/2015Town Board04-22-2015 Board Special Meeting
04/27/2015Town Board04-27-2015 Board Special Meeting
05/20/2015Town Board05-20-2015 Board Meeting
05/21/2015Town Board05-21-2015 Board Special Meeting
06/02/2015Town Board06-02-2015 Board Special Meeting
06/17/2015Town Board06-17-2015 Board Meeting
07/15/2015Town Board07-15-2015 Board Meeting
07/16/2015Town Board07-16-2015 Board Special Meeting
07/29/2015Town Board07-29-2015 Board Special Meeting
08/18/2015Town Board08-18-2015 Board Special Meeting
08/19/2015Town Board08-19-2015 Board Meeting
09/16/2015Town Board09-16-2015 Board Meeting
09/17/2015Town Board09-17-2015 Board Special Meeting
10/01/2015Town Board10-01-2015 Board Special Meeting
10/21/2015Town Board10-21-2015 Board Special Meeting
10/29/2015Town Board10-29-2015 Board Special Meeting
11/18/2015Town Board11-18-2015 Board Meeting
12/16/2015Town Board12-16-2015 Board Meeting
01/20/2016Town Board01-20-2016 Board Meeting
02/17/2016Town Board02-17-2016 Board Meeting
03/30/2016Town Board03-30-2016 Board Meeting
04/20/2016Town Board04-20-2016 Board Meeting
05/18/2016Town Board05-18-2016 Board Meeting
06/15/2016Town Board06-15-2016 Board Meeting
07/27/2016Town Board07-27-2016 Board Meeting
08/17/2016Town Board08-17-2016 Board Meeting
09/21/2016Town Board09-21-2016 Board Meeting
10/19/2016Town Board10-19-2016 Board Meeting
12/21/2016Town Board12-21-2016 Board Meeting
01/18/2017Town Board01-18-2017 Board Meeting
02/15/2017Town Board02-15-2017 Board Meeting
02/17/2017Town Board02-17-2017 Board Special Meeting
03/14/2017Town Board03-14-2017 Board Special Meeting
03/24/2017Town Board03-24-2017 Board Special Meeting
03/29/2017Town Board03-29-2017 Board Meeting
04/19/2017Town Board04-19-2017 Board Meeting
05/05/2017Town Board05-05-2017 Board Special Meeting
05/17/2017Town Board05-17-2017 Board Meeting
06/21/2017Town Board06-21-2017 Board Meeting
07/13/2017Town Board07-13-2017 Board Special Meeting
07/26/2017Town Board07-26-2017 Board Meeting
08/16/2017Town Board08-16-2017 Board Meeting
08/24/2017Town Board08-24-2017 Board Special Meeting
09/20/2017Town Board09-20-2017 Board Meeting
09/22/2017Town Board09-22-2017 Board Special Meeting
10/17/2017Town Board10-17-2017 Board Special Meeting
10/18/2017Town Board10-18-2017 Board Meeting
11/03/2017Town Board11-03-2017 Board Special Meeting
11/15/2017Town Board11-15-2017 Board Meeting
11/17/2017Town Board11-17-2017 Board Special Meeting
11/28/2017Town Board11-28-2017 Board Special Meeting
12/04/2017Town Board12-04-2017 Board Special Meeting
12/12/2017Town Board12-12-2017 Board Meeting
12/21/2017Town Board12-21-2017 Board Meeting
01/17/2018Town Board01-17-2018 Board Meeting
01/08/2018Town Board01-08-2018 Board Special Meeting
02/09/2018Town Board02-09-2018 Board Special Meeting
02/18/2018Town Board02-18-2018 Board Meeting
02/26/2018Town Board02-26-2018 Board Special Meeting
03/08/2018Town Board03-08-2018 Board Special Meeting
03/23/2018Town Board03-23-2018 Board Special Meeting
03/28/2018Town Board03-28-2018 Board Meeting
04/06/2018Town Board04-06-2018 Board Special Meeting
04/18/2018Town Board04-18-2018 Board Meeting
05/16/2018Town Board05-16-2018 Board Meeting
06/05/2018Town Board06-05-2018 Board Special Meeting
06/20/2018Town Board06-20-2018 Board Meeting
07/05/2018Town Board07-05-2018 Board Special Meeting
07/18/2018Town Board07-18-2018 Board Meeting
07/20/2018Town Board07-20-2018 Board Special Meeting
08/15/2018Town Board08-15-2018 Board Meeting
08/24/2018Town Board08-24-2018 Board Special Meeting
09/19/2018Town Board09-19-2018 Board Meeting
09/20/2018Town Board09-20-2018 Board Special Meeting
10/17/2018Town Board10-17-2018 Board Meeting
11/21/2018Town Board11-21-2018 Board Meeting
12/19/2018Town Board12-19-2018 Board Meeting
01/16/2019Town Board01-16-2019 Board Meeting
02/20/2019Town Board02-20-2019 Board Meeting
03/04/2019Town Board03-04-2019 Board Special Meeting
03/11/2019Town Board03-11-2019 Board Special Meeting
03/18/2019Town Board03-18-2019 Board Special Meeting
03/25/2019Town Board03-25-2019 Board Special Meeting
03/29/2019Town Board03-29-2019 Board Meeting
04/17/2019Town Board04-17-2019 Board Meeting
05/08/2019Town Board05-08-2019 Board Special Meeting
05/15/2019Town Board05-15-2019 Board Meeting
06/19/2019Town Board06-19-2019 Board Meeting
07/03/2019Town Board07-03-2019 Board Special Meeting
07/17/2019Town Board07-17-2019 Board Meeting
08/21/2019Town Board08-21-2019 Board Meeting
10/11/2019Town Board10-11-2019 Board Special Meeting
10/16/2019Town Board10-16-2019 Board Meeting
11/20/2019Town Board11-20-2019 Board Meeting
12/18/2019Town Board12-18-2019 Board Meeting
01/15/2020Town Board2020-01-15 Board of Trustees Meeting
01/27/2020Town Board2020-01-27 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
02/10/2020Town Board2020-02-10 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
02/19/2020Town Board2020-02-19 Board of Trustees Meeting
03/04/2020Town Board2020-03-04 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
03/16/2020Town Board2020-03-16 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
03/23/2020Town Board2020-03-23 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
03/26/2020Town Board2020-03-26 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
04/06/2020Town Board2020-04-06 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
04/27/2020Town Board2020-04-27 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
05/20/2020Town Board2020-05-20 Board of Trustees Meeting
06/01/2020Town Board2020-06-01 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
06/17/2020Town Board2020-06-17 Board of Trustees Meeting
07/15/2020Town Board2020-07-15 Board of Trustees Meeting
08/19/2020Town Board2020-08-19 Board of Trustees Meeting
09/11/2020Town Board2020-09-11 Board of Trustees Meeting
09/29/2020Town Board2020-09-29 Board of Trustees Meeting
10/07/2020Town Board2020-10-07 Board of Trustees Meeting
10/21/2020Town Board2020-10-21 Board of Trustees Meeting
11/18/2020Town Board2020-11-18 Board of Trustees Meeting
12/14/2020Town Board2020-12-14 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
12/16/2020Town Board202-12-16 Board of Trustees Meeting
01/09/2013Planning & Zoning01-09-2013 Planning Commission Meeting
02/13/2013Planning & Zoning02-13-2013 Planning Commission Meeting
03/13/2013Planning & Zoning03-13-2013 Planning Commission Meeting
04/18/2013Planning & Zoning04-18-2013 Planning Commission Meeting
06/12/2013Planning & Zoning06-12-2013 Planning Commission Meeting
08/14/2013Planning & Zoning08-14-2013 Planning Commission Meeting
09/11/2013Planning & Zoning09-11-2013 Planning Commission Meeting
10/09/2013Planning & Zoning10-09-2013 Planning Commission Meeting
10/23/2013Planning & Zoning10-23-2013 Planning Commission Meeting
12/11/2013Planning & Zoning12-11-2013 Planning Commission Meeting
01/08/2014Planning & Zoning01-08-2014 Planning Commission Meeting
01/22/2014Planning & Zoning01-22-2014 Planning Commission Meeting
02/12/2014Planning & Zoning02-12-2014 Planning Commission Meeting
02/26/2014Planning & Zoning02-26-2014 Planning Commission Meeting
03/12/2014Planning & Zoning03-12-2014 Planning Commission Meeting
04/09/2014Planning & Zoning04-09-2014 Planning Commission Meeting
04/15/2014Planning & Zoning04-15-2014 Planning Commission Meeting
04/29/2014Planning & Zoning04-29-2014 Planning Commission Meeting
05/13/2014Planning & Zoning05-13-2014 Planning Commission Meeting
06/11/2014Planning & Zoning06-11-2014 Planning Commission Meeting
07/29/2014Planning & Zoning07-09-2014 Planning Commission Meeting
08/12/2014Planning & Zoning08-12-2014 Planning Commission Meeting
09/10/2014Planning & Zoning09-10-2014 Planning Commission Meeting
09/15/2014Planning & Zoning09-15-2014 Planning Commission Meeting
10/08/2014Planning & Zoning10-08-2014 Planning Commission Meeting
12/10/2014Planning & Zoning12-10-2014 Planning Commission Meeting
01/14/2015Planning & Zoning01-14-2015 Planning Commission Meeting
02/15/2015Planning & Zoning02-15-2015 Planning Commission Meeting
03/11/2015Planning & Zoning03-11-2015 Planning Commission Meeting
04/08/2015Planning & Zoning04-08-2015 Planning Commission Meeting
05/13/2015Planning & Zoning05-13-2015 Planning Commission Meeting
06/10/2015Planning & Zoning06-10-2015 Planning Commission Meeting
07/08/2015Planning & Zoning07-08-2015 Planning Commission Meeting
08/12/2015Planning & Zoning08-12-2015 Planning Commission Meeting
09/09/2015Planning & Zoning09-09-2015 Planning Commission Meeting
10/14/2015Planning & Zoning10-14-2015 Planning Commission Meeting
11/11/2015Planning & Zoning11-11-2015 Planning Commission Meeting
12/09/2015Planning & Zoning12-09-2015 Planning Commission Meeting
01/11/2017Planning & Zoning01-11-2017 Planning Commission Meeting
02/08/2017Planning & Zoning02-08-2017 Planning Commission Meeting
02/16/2017Planning & Zoning02-16-2017 Planning Commission Meeting
04/12/2017Planning & Zoning04-12-2017 Planning Commission Meeting
05/10/2017Planning & Zoning05-10-2017 Planning Commission Meeting
06/14/2017Planning & Zoning06-14-2017 Planning Commission Meeting
07/12/2017Planning & Zoning07-12-2017 Planning Commission Meeting
08/09/2017Planning & Zoning08-09-2017 Planning Commission Meeting
09/13/2017Planning & Zoning09-13-2017 Planning Commission Meeting
10/11/2017Planning & Zoning10-11-2017 Planning Commission Meeting
11/08/2017Planning & Zoning11-08-2017 Planning Commission Meeting
12/12/2017Planning & Zoning12-12-2017 Planning Commission Meeting
01/08/2018Planning & Zoning01-08-2018 Planning Commission Meeting
01/10/2018Planning & Zoning01-10-2018 Planning Commission Meeting
02/09/2018Planning & Zoning02-09-2018 Planning Commission Meeting
02/14/2018Planning & Zoning02-14-2018 Planning Commission Meeting
03/21/2018Planning & Zoning03-21-2018 Planning Commission Meeting
04/11/2018Planning & Zoning04-11-2018 Planning Commission Meeting
05/09/2018Planning & Zoning05-09-2018 Planning Commission Meeting
06/13/2018Planning & Zoning06-13-2018 Planning Commission Meeting
08/08/2018Planning & Zoning08-08-2018 Planning Commission Meeting
08/20/2018Planning & Zoning08-20-2018 Planning Commission Meeting
09/12/2018Planning & Zoning09-12-2018 Planning Commission Meeting
10/10/2018Planning & Zoning10-10-2018 Planning Commission Meeting
11/27/2018Planning & Zoning11-27-2018 Planning Commission Meeting
01/09/2019Planning & Zoning01-09-2019 Planning Commission Meeting
03/13/2019Planning & Zoning03-13-2019 Planning Commission Meeting
05/08/2019Planning & Zoning05-08-2019 Planning Commission Meeting
06/05/2019Planning & Zoning06-05-2019 Planning Commission Meeting
07/10/2019Planning & Zoning07-10-2019 Planning Commission Meeting
09/11/2019Planning & Zoning09-11-2019 Planning Commission Meeting
11/13/2019Planning & Zoning11-13-2019 Planning Commission Meeting
01/08/2020Planning & Zoning2020-01-08 Planning Commission Meeting
03/11/2020Planning & Zoning2020-03-11 Planning Commission Meeting
07/08/2020Planning & Zoning2020-07-08 Planning Commission Meeting
10/07/2020Planning & Zoning2020-10-07 Planning Commission Meeting
11/11/2020Planning & Zoning2020-11-11 Planning Commission Meeting
12/14/2016Planning & Zoning12-14-2016 Planning Commission Meeting
11/09/2016Planning & Zoning11-09-2016 Planning Commission Meeting
06/18/2016Planning & Zoning06-18-2016 Planning Commission Meeting
02/08/2016Planning & Zoning02-08-2016 Planning Commission Meeting
06/14/2013Zoning Board of Appeals06-14-2013 ZBA Meeting
05/28/2014Zoning Board of Appeals05-28-2014 ZBA Meeting
01/13/2015Zoning Board of Appeals01-13-2015 ZBA Meeting
10/28/2016Zoning Board of Appeals10-28-2016 ZBA Meeting
11/04/2016Zoning Board of Appeals11-04-2016 ZBA Meeting
06/19/2017Zoning Board of Appeals06-19-2017 ZBA Meeting
06/19/2017Zoning Board of Appeals06-19-2017 ZBA Organizational Meeting
07/13/2017Zoning Board of Appeals07-13-2017 ZBA Meeting
07/18/2017Zoning Board of Appeals07-18-2017 ZBA Meeting
09/18/2017Zoning Board of Appeals09-18-2017 ZBA Meeting
10/18/2017Zoning Board of Appeals10-18-2017 ZBA Meeting
12/10/2018Zoning Board of Appeals12-10-2018 ZBA Meeting
07/09/2018Zoning Board of Appeals07-09-2018 ZBA Meeting
11/27/2018Zoning Board of Appeals11-27-2018 ZBA Meeting
01/28/2019Zoning Board of Appeals2019-01-28 ZBA Meeting
04/29/2019Zoning Board of Appeals2019-04-29 ZBA Meeting
09/25/2019Zoning Board of Appeals2019-09-25 ZBA Meeting
10/28/2019Zoning Board of Appeals2019-10-28 ZBA Meeting
07/13/2020Zoning Board of Appeals2020-07-13 ZBA Meeting
07/22/2020Zoning Board of Appeals2020-07-22 ZBA Meeting
03/10/2021Planning & Zoning2021-03-10 Planning Commission Meeting
05/12/2021Planning & Zoning2021-05-12 Planning Commission Meeting
06/17/2021Planning & Zoning2021-06-17 Planning Commission Meeting
01/20/2021Town Board2021-01-20 Board of Trustees Meeting
02/17/2021Town Board2021-02-17 Board of Trustees Meeting
03/16/2021Town Board2021-03-16 Board of Trustees Meeting
03/26/2021Town Board2021-03-26 Board of Trustees Meeting
03/31/2021Town Board2021-03-31 Board of Trustees Meeting
04/21/2021Town Board2021-04-21 Board of Trustees Meeting
04/28/2021Town Board2021-04-28 Board of Trustees Meeting
05/01/2021Town Board2021-05-07 Board of Trustees Meeting
05/19/2021Town Board2021-05-19 Board of Trustees Meeting
09/23/2020Zoning Board of Appeals2020-09-23 ZBA Meeting
07/14/2021Planning & Zoning2021-07-14 Planning Commission Meeting
06/16/2021Town Board2021-06-16 Board of Trustees Meeting
06/25/2021Town Board2021-06-25 Board of Trustees Meeting Special

Planning & Zoning FORMS

TitlePDF FormOnline Form
AssessorBoard of Review Petition
Parks & Community CenterCommunity Center - Pavilion Rental Form
AssessorDeferment of Summer Taxes Application
AssessorDisabled Veterans Exemption Affidavit
Town BoardEmployment Application Watersmeet
Assessor, Fire Department, Planning & Zoning, Town BoardFire Number Sign Order Form
Town BoardPlanning Commission Application
AssessorPoverty Exemption Form and Income and Asset Guidelines
AssessorPrincipal Residence Exemption Affidavit
AssessorProperty Transfer Affidavit
Planning & ZoningProposed Land Divisions Application
AssessorRescind Principal Residence Exemption Request
Town BoardSecretary/Administrative Assistant Job Description
Planning & ZoningShort Term Rental Application
Planning & ZoningUse by Special Approval Application
Fire DepartmentVolunteer Fire Department Application
Planning & ZoningZoning Board of Appeals Application
Planning & ZoningZoning Certificate Application