Planning Commission


  • Formulate and adopt a Master Plan for the Township’s land use development and preservation.
  • Maintain and update the Watersmeet Township Zoning Ordinance.
  • Review site plans for all major developments in the township and make recommendations.
  • Review all zoning change requests and special use requests.

Members are appointed by the Board of Trustees for a term of two years ending on December 31st.

To contact Planning Commission:

  • Email Board Liaison
  • Mail letter to:
    Watersmeet Township
    Attn:  Planning Commission
    PO Box 306
    Watersmeet, MI 49969


Regular meetings are held on the second (2nd) Wednesday of every month, at 5:30 PM at the Watersmeet Community Center.


Simon Zelinski – Chair (term exp. 12/31/2025)
Kirsten Boehm – Vice-Chair (term exp. 12/31/2024)
Pete Cartwright – Secretary (term exp. 12/31/2025)
Yvonne Clark – Board Liaison
John Cestowski – Member (term exp. 12/31/2025)
Toni Williams – Member (term exp. 12/31/2024)
Tara Pachan – Member (carryover - term exp. 12/31/2023)
Jim Gerdes – Member (carryover - term exp. 12/31/2023)
Jeff Zelinski – Member (term exp. 12/31/2026)

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Planning Commission Meetings

Planning Commission regular meetings are usually held on the second (2nd) Wednesday of each month at 5:30 PM at the Watersmeet Community Center.

Meeting DateCategoryTitleNoticesMinutes
06/27/2024Roadway Committee2024-06-27 Roadway Committee Meeting
06/19/2024Town Board2024-06-19 Board of Trustees Meeting
06/14/2024Roadway Committee2024-06-14 Roadway Committee Meeting
06/12/2024Planning & Zoning2024-06-12 Planning Commission Meeting
05/23/2024Town Board2024-05-23 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
05/15/2024Town Board2024-05-15 Board of Trustees Meeting
05/08/2024Planning & Zoning2024-05-08 Planning Commission Meeting
05/03/2024Town Board2024-05-03 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
05/01/2024Roadway Committee2024-05-01 Roadway Committee Meeting
04/17/2024Town Board2024-04-17 Board of Trustees Meeting
04/10/2024Planning & Zoning2024-04-10 Planning Commission Meeting
04/05/2024Town Board2024-04-05 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
04/05/2024Roadway Committee2024-04-05 Roadway Committee Meeting
04/04/2024Town Board2024-04-04 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
03/29/2024Town Board2024-03-29 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
03/26/2024Town Board2024-03-26 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
03/15/2024Town Board2024-03-15 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
03/08/2024Town Board2024-03-08 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
03/06/2024Town Board2024-03-06 Board of Trustees Supplemental Meeting
03/05/2024Town Board2024-03-05 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
03/27/2024Town Board2024-03-27 Board of Trustees Meeting & Public Hearing
02/21/2024Town Board2024-02-21 Board of Trustees Meeting
02/13/2024Planning & Zoning2024-02-13 Planning Commission Meeting
02/07/2024Town Board2024-02-07 Board of Trustees Supplemental Meeting
03/13/2024Planning & Zoning2024-03-13 Planning Commission Meeting and Public Hearing
01/17/2024Town Board2024-01-17 Board of Trustees Meeting
01/09/2024Planning & Zoning2024-01-09 Planning Commission Meeting
01/03/2024Town Board2024-01-03 Board of Trustees Supplemental Meeting
01/11/2024Zoning Board of Appeals2024-01-11 Zoning Board of Appeals and Public Hearings
12/20/2023Town Board2023-12-20 Board of Trustees Meeting
12/08/2023Town Board2023-12-08 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
12/06/2023Planning & Zoning2023-12-06 Planning Commission Meeting
11/28/2023Town Board2023-11-28 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
11/15/2023Town Board2023-11-15 Board of Trustees Meeting
10/24/2023Town Board2023-10-24 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
10/18/2023Town Board2023-10-18 Board of Trustees Meeting
10/11/2023Planning & Zoning2023-10-11 Planning Commission Meeting
10/02/2023Zoning Board of Appeals2023-10-02 ZBA Meeting
09/20/2023Town Board2023-09-20 Board of Trustees Meeting
09/11/2023Roadway Committee, Town Board2023-09-11 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
09/13/2023Planning & Zoning2023-09-13 Planning Commission Meeting
09/06/2023Town Board2023-09-06 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
08/30/2023Town Board2023-08-30 Special Board of Trustees Meeting
08/16/2023Town Board2023-08-16 Board of Trustees Meeting
07/24/2023Town Board2023-07-24 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
07/19/2023Town Board2023-07-19 Board of Trustees Meeting
07/12/2023Planning & Zoning2023-07-12 Planning Commission Meeting
08/01/2023Zoning Board of Appeals2023-08-01 Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting and Public Hearing
07/12/2023Town Board2023-07-12 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
06/21/2023Town Board2023-06-21 Board of Trustees Meeting
06/20/2023Town Board2023-06-20 Special Board of Trustees Meeting
06/14/2023Town Board2023-06-14 Special Board of Trustees Meeting
06/28/2023Zoning Board of Appeals2023-06-28 Zoning Board of Appeals Public Hearing
05/17/2023Town Board2023-05-17 Board of Trustees Meeting
06/14/2023Planning & Zoning2023-06-14 Planning Commission Meeting
05/10/2023Planning & Zoning2023-05-10 Planning Commission Meeting
05/08/2023Town Board2023-05-08 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
04/26/2023Town Board2023-04-26 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
04/19/2023Town Board2023-04-19 Board of Trustees Meeting
03/30/2023Town Board2023-03-30 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
03/24/2023Town Board2023-03-24 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
03/29/2023Town Board2023-03-29 Board of Trustees Meeting
03/20/2023Town Board2023-03-20 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
03/15/2023Roadway Committee2023-03-15 Roadway Committee Meeting
03/14/2023Town Board2023-03-14 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
03/08/2023Town Board2023-03-08 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
03/08/2023Planning & Zoning2023-03-08 Planning Commission Meeting ~ Draft Minutes
01/05/2023Town Board2023-01-05 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
01/18/2023Town Board2023-01-18 Board of Trustees Meeting
02/21/2023Town Board2023-02-21 Board of Trustees Meeting (Rescheduled from 2/15/23)
02/16/2023Roadway Committee2023-02-16 Roadway Committee Meeting
02/01/2023Town Board2023-02-01 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
01/26/2023Town Board2023-01-26 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
01/17/2023Roadway Committee2023-01-17 Roadway Committee Meeting
01/11/2023Planning & Zoning2023-01-11 Planning Commission Meeting ~ Draft Minutes
01/10/2023Town Board2023-01-10 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
01/06/2023Town Board2023-01-06 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
12/21/2022Town Board2022-12-21 Board of Trustees Meeting
12/19/2022Town Board2022-12-19 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
12/06/2022Town Board2022-12-06 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
11/16/2022Town Board2022-11-16 Board of Trustees Meeting
11/09/2022Roadway Committee2022-11-09 Road Committee Meeting~Draft Minutes
11/09/2022Planning & Zoning2022-11-09 Planning Commission Meeting
10/19/2022Town Board2022-10-19 Board of Trustees Meeting
10/13/2022Roadway Committee2022-10-13 Roadway Committee Meeting~Draft Minutes
10/13/2022Town Board2022-10-13 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
10/12/2022Planning & Zoning2022-10-12 Planning Commisssion Special Meeting - Draft Minutes
09/21/2022Town Board2022-09-21 Board of Trustees Meeting
09/19/2022Roadway Committee2022-09-19 Roadway Committee Meeting
09/14/2022Planning & Zoning2022-09-14 Planning Commission Meeting ~ Draft Minutes
08/25/2022Town Board2022-08-25 Board of Trustees Special Meeting (Closed Session)
09/07/2022Zoning Board of Appeals2022-09-07 Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting
08/17/2022Town Board2022-08-17 Board of Trustees Meeting
08/10/2022Roadway Committee2022-08-10 Roadway Committee Meeting ~ Draft Minutes
07/20/2022Town Board2022-07-20 Board of Trustees Meeting
07/07/2022Town Board2022-07-07 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
06/22/2022Town Board2022-06-22 Board of Trustees Meeting & Public Hearing (Rescheduled from 6/15/22)
05/11/2022Town Board2022-05-11 Board of Trustees Meeting
05/09/2022Town Board2022-05-09 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
05/18/2022Town Board2022-05-18 Board of Trustees Meeting & Public Hearing
05/02/2022Town Board2022-05-02 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
05/11/2022Planning & Zoning2022-05-11 Planning Commission Meeting - Draft Minutes
04/22/2022Town Board2022-04-22 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
04/20/2022Town Board2022-04-20 Board of Trustees Meeting - Draft Minutes
04/13/2022Town Board2022-04-13 Board of Trustees Meeting
03/28/2022Town Board2022-03-28 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
03/09/2022Town Board2022-03-09 Board of Trustees Meeting
03/18/2022Town Board2022-03-18 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
03/16/2022Town Board2022-03-16 Board of Trustees Special Meeting
03/30/2022Town Board2022-03-30 Board of Trustees Meeting - Public Hearing/Budget Approval
03/08/2022Zoning Board of Appeals2022-03-08 Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting
03/09/2022Planning & Zoning2022-03-09 Planning Commission Meeting - Draft Minutes
02/16/2022Town Board2022-02-16 Board of Trustees Meeting
02/09/2022Planning & Zoning2022-02-09 Planning Commission Meeting
02/10/2022Zoning Board of Appeals2022-02-10 Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting
02/11/2022Town Board2022-02-11 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
02/03/2022Town Board2022-02-03 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
01/26/2022Town Board2022 01 26 Board of Trustees Meeting
01/18/2022Zoning Board of Appeals2022-01-18 Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting
01/06/2022Town Board2022-01-06 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
12/15/2021Town Board2021-12-15 Board of Trustees Meeting
12/09/2021Zoning Board of Appeals2021-12-09 Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting
12/03/2021Town Board2021-12-03 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
11/17/2021Town Board2021-11-17 Board of Trustees Meeting
10/20/2021Town Board2021-10-20 Board of Trustees Meeting
11/12/2021Town Board2021-11-12 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
10/13/2021Town Board2021-10-13 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
09/29/2021Town Board2021-09-29 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
09/15/2021Town Board2021-09-15 Board of Trustees Meeting
08/18/2021Town Board2021-08-18 Board of Trustees Meeting
08/11/2021Town Board2021-08-11 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
08/11/2021Planning & Zoning2021-08-11 Planning Commission Meeting
09/08/2021Planning & Zoning2021-09-08 Planning Commission Meeting
08/30/2021Town Board2021-08-30 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
08/09/2021Town Board2021-08-09 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
07/21/2021Town Board2021-07-21 Board of Trustees Meeting
03/27/2013Town Board03-27-2013 Board Meeting
03/27/2013Town Board03-27-2013 Board Special Meeting
04/04/2013Town Board04-04-2013 Board Special Meeting
04/17/2013Town Board04-17-2013 Board Meeting
04/24/2013Town Board04-24-2013 Board Special Meeting
05/31/2013Town Board05-31-2013 Board Special Meeting
06/19/2013Town Board06-19-2013 Board Meeting
07/17/2013Town Board07-17-2013 Board Meeting
08/21/2013Town Board08-21-2013 Board Meeting
08/22/2013Town Board08-22-2013 Board Special Meeting
09/18/2013Town Board09-18-2013 Board Meeting
10/16/2013Town Board10-16-2013 Board Meeting
11/20/2013Town Board11-20-2013 Board Meeting
12/18/2013Town Board12-18-2013 Board Meeting
01/15/2014Town Board01-15-2014 Board Meeting
02/19/2014Town Board02-19-2014 Board Meeting
03/11/2014Town Board03-11-2014 Board Special Meeting
03/12/2014Town Board03-12-2014 Board Special Meeting
03/19/2014Town Board03-19-2014 Board Special Meeting
03/26/2014Town Board03-26-2014 Board Meeting
04/16/2014Town Board04-16-2014 Board Meeting
05/21/2014Town Board05-21-2014 Board Meeting
06/18/2014Town Board06-18-2014 Board Meeting
07/15/2014Town Board07-15-2014 Board Special Meeting
07/16/2014Town Board07-16-2014 Board Meeting
08/20/2014Town Board08-20-2014 Board Meeting
09/17/2014Town Board09-17-2014 Board Meeting
10/15/2014Town Board10-15-2014 Board Meeting
11/19/2014Town Board11-19-2014 Board Meeting
12/17/2014Town Board12-17-2014 Board Meeting
01/25/2015Town Board01-25-2015 Board Meeting
01/28/2015Town Board01-28-2015 Board Special Meeting
02/18/2015Town Board02-18-2015 Board Meeting
03/25/2015Town Board03-25-2015 Board Meeting
04/15/2015Town Board04-15-2015 Board Meeting
04/17/2015Town Board04-17-2015 Board Special Meeting
04/22/2015Town Board04-22-2015 Board Special Meeting
04/27/2015Town Board04-27-2015 Board Special Meeting
05/20/2015Town Board05-20-2015 Board Meeting
05/21/2015Town Board05-21-2015 Board Special Meeting
06/02/2015Town Board06-02-2015 Board Special Meeting
06/17/2015Town Board06-17-2015 Board Meeting
07/15/2015Town Board07-15-2015 Board Meeting
07/16/2015Town Board07-16-2015 Board Special Meeting
07/29/2015Town Board07-29-2015 Board Special Meeting
08/18/2015Town Board08-18-2015 Board Special Meeting
08/19/2015Town Board08-19-2015 Board Meeting
09/16/2015Town Board09-16-2015 Board Meeting
09/17/2015Town Board09-17-2015 Board Special Meeting
10/01/2015Town Board10-01-2015 Board Special Meeting
10/21/2015Town Board10-21-2015 Board Special Meeting
10/29/2015Town Board10-29-2015 Board Special Meeting
11/18/2015Town Board11-18-2015 Board Meeting
12/16/2015Town Board12-16-2015 Board Meeting
01/20/2016Town Board01-20-2016 Board Meeting
02/17/2016Town Board02-17-2016 Board Meeting
03/30/2016Town Board03-30-2016 Board Meeting
04/20/2016Town Board04-20-2016 Board Meeting
05/18/2016Town Board05-18-2016 Board Meeting
06/15/2016Town Board06-15-2016 Board Meeting
07/27/2016Town Board07-27-2016 Board Meeting
08/17/2016Town Board08-17-2016 Board Meeting
09/21/2016Town Board09-21-2016 Board Meeting
10/19/2016Town Board10-19-2016 Board Meeting
12/21/2016Town Board12-21-2016 Board Meeting
01/18/2017Town Board01-18-2017 Board Meeting
02/15/2017Town Board02-15-2017 Board Meeting
02/17/2017Town Board02-17-2017 Board Special Meeting
03/14/2017Town Board03-14-2017 Board Special Meeting
03/24/2017Town Board03-24-2017 Board Special Meeting
03/29/2017Town Board03-29-2017 Board Meeting
04/19/2017Town Board04-19-2017 Board Meeting
05/05/2017Town Board05-05-2017 Board Special Meeting
05/17/2017Town Board05-17-2017 Board Meeting
06/21/2017Town Board06-21-2017 Board Meeting
07/13/2017Town Board07-13-2017 Board Special Meeting
07/26/2017Town Board07-26-2017 Board Meeting
08/16/2017Town Board08-16-2017 Board Meeting
08/24/2017Town Board08-24-2017 Board Special Meeting
09/20/2017Town Board09-20-2017 Board Meeting
09/22/2017Town Board09-22-2017 Board Special Meeting
10/17/2017Town Board10-17-2017 Board Special Meeting
10/18/2017Town Board10-18-2017 Board Meeting
11/03/2017Town Board11-03-2017 Board Special Meeting
11/15/2017Town Board11-15-2017 Board Meeting
11/17/2017Town Board11-17-2017 Board Special Meeting
11/28/2017Town Board11-28-2017 Board Special Meeting
12/04/2017Town Board12-04-2017 Board Special Meeting
12/12/2017Town Board12-12-2017 Board Meeting
12/21/2017Town Board12-21-2017 Board Meeting
01/17/2018Town Board01-17-2018 Board Meeting
01/08/2018Town Board01-08-2018 Board Special Meeting
02/09/2018Town Board02-09-2018 Board Special Meeting
02/18/2018Town Board02-18-2018 Board Meeting
02/26/2018Town Board02-26-2018 Board Special Meeting
03/08/2018Town Board03-08-2018 Board Special Meeting
03/23/2018Town Board03-23-2018 Board Special Meeting
03/28/2018Town Board03-28-2018 Board Meeting
04/06/2018Town Board04-06-2018 Board Special Meeting
04/18/2018Town Board04-18-2018 Board Meeting
05/16/2018Town Board05-16-2018 Board Meeting
06/05/2018Town Board06-05-2018 Board Special Meeting
06/20/2018Town Board06-20-2018 Board Meeting
07/05/2018Town Board07-05-2018 Board Special Meeting
07/18/2018Town Board07-18-2018 Board Meeting
07/20/2018Town Board07-20-2018 Board Special Meeting
08/15/2018Town Board08-15-2018 Board Meeting
08/24/2018Town Board08-24-2018 Board Special Meeting
09/19/2018Town Board09-19-2018 Board Meeting
09/20/2018Town Board09-20-2018 Board Special Meeting
10/17/2018Town Board10-17-2018 Board Meeting
11/21/2018Town Board11-21-2018 Board Meeting
12/19/2018Town Board12-19-2018 Board Meeting
01/16/2019Town Board01-16-2019 Board Meeting
02/20/2019Town Board02-20-2019 Board Meeting
03/04/2019Town Board03-04-2019 Board Special Meeting
03/11/2019Town Board03-11-2019 Board Special Meeting
03/18/2019Town Board03-18-2019 Board Special Meeting
03/25/2019Town Board03-25-2019 Board Special Meeting
03/29/2019Town Board03-29-2019 Board Meeting
04/17/2019Town Board04-17-2019 Board Meeting
05/08/2019Town Board05-08-2019 Board Special Meeting
05/15/2019Town Board05-15-2019 Board Meeting
06/19/2019Town Board06-19-2019 Board Meeting
07/03/2019Town Board07-03-2019 Board Special Meeting
07/17/2019Town Board07-17-2019 Board Meeting
08/21/2019Town Board08-21-2019 Board Meeting
10/11/2019Town Board10-11-2019 Board Special Meeting
10/16/2019Town Board10-16-2019 Board Meeting
11/20/2019Town Board11-20-2019 Board Meeting
12/18/2019Town Board12-18-2019 Board Meeting
01/15/2020Town Board2020-01-15 Board of Trustees Meeting
01/27/2020Town Board2020-01-27 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
02/10/2020Town Board2020-02-10 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
02/19/2020Town Board2020-02-19 Board of Trustees Meeting
03/04/2020Town Board2020-03-04 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
03/16/2020Town Board2020-03-16 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
03/23/2020Town Board2020-03-23 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
03/26/2020Town Board2020-03-26 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
04/06/2020Town Board2020-04-06 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
04/27/2020Town Board2020-04-27 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
05/20/2020Town Board2020-05-20 Board of Trustees Meeting
06/01/2020Town Board2020-06-01 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
06/17/2020Town Board2020-06-17 Board of Trustees Meeting
07/15/2020Town Board2020-07-15 Board of Trustees Meeting
08/19/2020Town Board2020-08-19 Board of Trustees Meeting
09/11/2020Town Board2020-09-11 Board of Trustees Meeting
09/29/2020Town Board2020-09-29 Board of Trustees Meeting
10/07/2020Town Board2020-10-07 Board of Trustees Meeting
10/21/2020Town Board2020-10-21 Board of Trustees Meeting
11/18/2020Town Board2020-11-18 Board of Trustees Meeting
12/14/2020Town Board2020-12-14 Board of Trustees Meeting Special
12/16/2020Town Board202-12-16 Board of Trustees Meeting
01/09/2013Planning & Zoning01-09-2013 Planning Commission Meeting
02/13/2013Planning & Zoning02-13-2013 Planning Commission Meeting
03/13/2013Planning & Zoning03-13-2013 Planning Commission Meeting
04/18/2013Planning & Zoning04-18-2013 Planning Commission Meeting
06/12/2013Planning & Zoning06-12-2013 Planning Commission Meeting
08/14/2013Planning & Zoning08-14-2013 Planning Commission Meeting
09/11/2013Planning & Zoning09-11-2013 Planning Commission Meeting
10/09/2013Planning & Zoning10-09-2013 Planning Commission Meeting
10/23/2013Planning & Zoning10-23-2013 Planning Commission Meeting
12/11/2013Planning & Zoning12-11-2013 Planning Commission Meeting
01/08/2014Planning & Zoning01-08-2014 Planning Commission Meeting
01/22/2014Planning & Zoning01-22-2014 Planning Commission Meeting
02/12/2014Planning & Zoning02-12-2014 Planning Commission Meeting
02/26/2014Planning & Zoning02-26-2014 Planning Commission Meeting
03/12/2014Planning & Zoning03-12-2014 Planning Commission Meeting
04/09/2014Planning & Zoning04-09-2014 Planning Commission Meeting
04/15/2014Planning & Zoning04-15-2014 Planning Commission Meeting
04/29/2014Planning & Zoning04-29-2014 Planning Commission Meeting
05/13/2014Planning & Zoning05-13-2014 Planning Commission Meeting
06/11/2014Planning & Zoning06-11-2014 Planning Commission Meeting
07/29/2014Planning & Zoning07-09-2014 Planning Commission Meeting
08/12/2014Planning & Zoning08-12-2014 Planning Commission Meeting
09/10/2014Planning & Zoning09-10-2014 Planning Commission Meeting
09/15/2014Planning & Zoning09-15-2014 Planning Commission Meeting
10/08/2014Planning & Zoning10-08-2014 Planning Commission Meeting
12/10/2014Planning & Zoning12-10-2014 Planning Commission Meeting
01/14/2015Planning & Zoning01-14-2015 Planning Commission Meeting
02/15/2015Planning & Zoning02-15-2015 Planning Commission Meeting
03/11/2015Planning & Zoning03-11-2015 Planning Commission Meeting
04/08/2015Planning & Zoning04-08-2015 Planning Commission Meeting
05/13/2015Planning & Zoning05-13-2015 Planning Commission Meeting
06/10/2015Planning & Zoning06-10-2015 Planning Commission Meeting
07/08/2015Planning & Zoning07-08-2015 Planning Commission Meeting
08/12/2015Planning & Zoning08-12-2015 Planning Commission Meeting
09/09/2015Planning & Zoning09-09-2015 Planning Commission Meeting
10/14/2015Planning & Zoning10-14-2015 Planning Commission Meeting
11/11/2015Planning & Zoning11-11-2015 Planning Commission Meeting
12/09/2015Planning & Zoning12-09-2015 Planning Commission Meeting
01/11/2017Planning & Zoning01-11-2017 Planning Commission Meeting
02/08/2017Planning & Zoning02-08-2017 Planning Commission Meeting
02/16/2017Planning & Zoning02-16-2017 Planning Commission Meeting
04/12/2017Planning & Zoning04-12-2017 Planning Commission Meeting
05/10/2017Planning & Zoning05-10-2017 Planning Commission Meeting
06/14/2017Planning & Zoning06-14-2017 Planning Commission Meeting
07/12/2017Planning & Zoning07-12-2017 Planning Commission Meeting
08/09/2017Planning & Zoning08-09-2017 Planning Commission Meeting
09/13/2017Planning & Zoning09-13-2017 Planning Commission Meeting
10/11/2017Planning & Zoning10-11-2017 Planning Commission Meeting
11/08/2017Planning & Zoning11-08-2017 Planning Commission Meeting
12/12/2017Planning & Zoning12-12-2017 Planning Commission Meeting
01/08/2018Planning & Zoning01-08-2018 Planning Commission Meeting
01/10/2018Planning & Zoning01-10-2018 Planning Commission Meeting
02/09/2018Planning & Zoning02-09-2018 Planning Commission Meeting
02/14/2018Planning & Zoning02-14-2018 Planning Commission Meeting
03/21/2018Planning & Zoning03-21-2018 Planning Commission Meeting
04/11/2018Planning & Zoning04-11-2018 Planning Commission Meeting
05/09/2018Planning & Zoning05-09-2018 Planning Commission Meeting
06/13/2018Planning & Zoning06-13-2018 Planning Commission Meeting
08/08/2018Planning & Zoning08-08-2018 Planning Commission Meeting
08/20/2018Planning & Zoning08-20-2018 Planning Commission Meeting
09/12/2018Planning & Zoning09-12-2018 Planning Commission Meeting
10/10/2018Planning & Zoning10-10-2018 Planning Commission Meeting
11/27/2018Planning & Zoning11-27-2018 Planning Commission Meeting
01/09/2019Planning & Zoning01-09-2019 Planning Commission Meeting
03/13/2019Planning & Zoning03-13-2019 Planning Commission Meeting
05/08/2019Planning & Zoning05-08-2019 Planning Commission Meeting
06/05/2019Planning & Zoning06-05-2019 Planning Commission Meeting
07/10/2019Planning & Zoning07-10-2019 Planning Commission Meeting
09/11/2019Planning & Zoning09-11-2019 Planning Commission Meeting
11/13/2019Planning & Zoning11-13-2019 Planning Commission Meeting
01/08/2020Planning & Zoning2020-01-08 Planning Commission Meeting
03/11/2020Planning & Zoning2020-03-11 Planning Commission Meeting
07/08/2020Planning & Zoning2020-07-08 Planning Commission Meeting
10/07/2020Planning & Zoning2020-10-07 Planning Commission Meeting
11/11/2020Planning & Zoning2020-11-11 Planning Commission Meeting
12/14/2016Planning & Zoning12-14-2016 Planning Commission Meeting
11/09/2016Planning & Zoning11-09-2016 Planning Commission Meeting
06/18/2016Planning & Zoning06-18-2016 Planning Commission Meeting
02/08/2016Planning & Zoning02-08-2016 Planning Commission Meeting
06/14/2013Zoning Board of Appeals06-14-2013 ZBA Meeting
05/28/2014Zoning Board of Appeals05-28-2014 ZBA Meeting
01/13/2015Zoning Board of Appeals01-13-2015 ZBA Meeting
10/28/2016Zoning Board of Appeals10-28-2016 ZBA Meeting
11/04/2016Zoning Board of Appeals11-04-2016 ZBA Meeting
06/19/2017Zoning Board of Appeals06-19-2017 ZBA Meeting
06/19/2017Zoning Board of Appeals06-19-2017 ZBA Organizational Meeting
07/13/2017Zoning Board of Appeals07-13-2017 ZBA Meeting
07/18/2017Zoning Board of Appeals07-18-2017 ZBA Meeting
09/18/2017Zoning Board of Appeals09-18-2017 ZBA Meeting
10/18/2017Zoning Board of Appeals10-18-2017 ZBA Meeting
12/10/2018Zoning Board of Appeals12-10-2018 ZBA Meeting
07/09/2018Zoning Board of Appeals07-09-2018 ZBA Meeting
11/27/2018Zoning Board of Appeals11-27-2018 ZBA Meeting
01/28/2019Zoning Board of Appeals2019-01-28 ZBA Meeting
04/29/2019Zoning Board of Appeals2019-04-29 ZBA Meeting
09/25/2019Zoning Board of Appeals2019-09-25 ZBA Meeting
10/28/2019Zoning Board of Appeals2019-10-28 ZBA Meeting
07/13/2020Zoning Board of Appeals2020-07-13 ZBA Meeting
07/22/2020Zoning Board of Appeals2020-07-22 ZBA Meeting
03/10/2021Planning & Zoning2021-03-10 Planning Commission Meeting
05/12/2021Planning & Zoning2021-05-12 Planning Commission Meeting
06/17/2021Planning & Zoning2021-06-17 Planning Commission Meeting
01/20/2021Town Board2021-01-20 Board of Trustees Meeting
02/17/2021Town Board2021-02-17 Board of Trustees Meeting
03/16/2021Town Board2021-03-16 Board of Trustees Meeting
03/26/2021Town Board2021-03-26 Board of Trustees Meeting
03/31/2021Town Board2021-03-31 Board of Trustees Meeting
04/21/2021Town Board2021-04-21 Board of Trustees Meeting
04/28/2021Town Board2021-04-28 Board of Trustees Meeting
05/01/2021Town Board2021-05-07 Board of Trustees Meeting
05/19/2021Town Board2021-05-19 Board of Trustees Meeting
09/23/2020Zoning Board of Appeals2020-09-23 ZBA Meeting
07/14/2021Planning & Zoning2021-07-14 Planning Commission Meeting
06/16/2021Town Board2021-06-16 Board of Trustees Meeting
06/25/2021Town Board2021-06-25 Board of Trustees Meeting Special

Planning & Zoning Forms

TitlePDF FormOnline Form
Application for Property Tax Exemption - 2024
AssessorBoard of Review Petition
AssessorChange of Mailing Address Request - Township Assessor
Parks & Community CenterCommunity Center - Pavilion Rental Form
AssessorConditional Rescission of Principal Residence Exemption (PRE)
AssessorDeferment of Summer Taxes Application
AssessorDisabled Veterans Exemption Affidavit
Town BoardEmployment Application Watersmeet
Assessor, Fire Department, Planning & Zoning, Town BoardFire Number Sign Order Form
Town BoardPlanning Commission Application
AssessorPoverty Exemption Form and Income and Asset Guidelines
AssessorPrincipal Residence Exemption Affidavit
AssessorProperty Transfer Affidavit
Planning & ZoningProposed Land Divisions Application
AssessorRequest to Rescind Principal Residence Exemption (PRE)
AssessorRescind Principal Residence Exemption Request
Planning & ZoningShort Term Rental Application
Planning & ZoningUse by Special Approval Application
Fire DepartmentVolunteer Fire Department Application
Planning & ZoningZoning Board of Appeals Application
Planning & ZoningZoning Permit Application