Watersmeet Township 911 Address Audit to Begin in November

Watersmeet Township representatives are conducting a 911 audit to:

  1. Confirm all addresses within the Township
  2. GPS locate all property driveways
  3. Inventory and photograph all fire signs
  4. Inventory and photograph all road signs

The representatives who have been authorized to conduct this audit are:

  1. Joe LoMastro
  2. Chris Wegner
  3. Robert Wheeler
  4. Zoe Coleman

The purpose of this audit is to improve GIS applications used by emergency response personnel (fire, medical, police) to locate addresses when responding to 911 calls.

The above individuals may find it necessary to enter some properties to verify property structure, driveway and fire sign locations.  The only photographs that will be taken are of road signs and fire signs.

Please allow these individuals to complete their duties in the interest of emergency response safety.

If you have any questions regarding this project, please call the Watersmeet Township office at 906.358.4501.