Watersmeet Township Roadway Commission Members Appointed

Gogebic County has funding available for improvements to Watersmeet secondary roads, which requires a 60% funding match from the township.

At the special meeting held on June 25, 2021, the Watersmeet Township Board of Trustees approved an increase in property taxes in the amount of ½ mil which will become effective in 2022. These funds will be utilized to provide match funds with Gogebic County for secondary roadway improvements within the township.  This property tax increase will generate approximately $90,000 per year, which will allow for the township to receive approximately $60,000 from the County.  Additional monies are allocated to the township from gas tax and registration fees revenue.  The total annual budget for secondary roadway improvements is estimated to be $185,000 for the next fiscal year.

The Board also approved the creation of the Watersmeet Township Roadway Commission.  This commission will be tasked with creating policies outlining allowed improvements, on-site inspecting of the secondary roadways within the township boundaries, proposing specific improvements, prioritizing construction schedules, and allocating funding.

Submissions were accepted from residents/property owners who were interested in being a member this commission and at the December 15, 2021, Board of Trustees meeting, the following individuals were appointed:

  • Alan Ison
  • Joe LoMastro
  • Harvey Shovers
  • Chris Wegner
  • Robert Wheeler

More Roadway Commission information will be posted as it becomes available.