Highline Installation – Important information for Private Roads

Highline has been busy installing high speed fiber optic internet in our community. They have already run most of the fiber optic lines in the public road right of ways as evidenced by the small green pedestals popping up along the roads. This year they will be continuing their build out- connecting individual homes along the public roads as well as finishing running fiber optic lines down many of the private roads that are so prevalent in our community. Whereas Highline was able to bury fiber on the public roads using the established right of way, no such right of way exists from the public road to homes on private roads. In order to grant access to Highline to bury fiber optic cable down your private road, a Right of Entry form must be completed. This comes with a catch, however. Highline has indicated that in order to run the necessary fiber optic cable down a private road, every property must complete the Right of Entry form. If one property does not complete the form, no properties on that private road will be connected to the network. 

Highline has obtained the necessary ROEs to extend fiber along the following roads:

  • Big Lake Road
  • Palmquist Road
  • White Birch Road
  • Poor Lake Road
  • Maplewood Road
  • Allen Lake Road
  • W Cisco Lake Road (north driveway)
  • Channel Road
  • West side of Clearwater Lake (driveway)

If you live on a private road that is not listed above, please be sure to complete the ROE to grant Highline permission to run fiber down your road.   In order to complete a Right of Entry form with Highline, it is easiest to fill out the form electronically. The person working with our community is Joe Erickson. Send him an email to Joe.Erickson@HighlineFast.com.  Identify your property location and he will prepare the form to be signed electronically. He can also be reached at 906.280.6298.

A copy of Highline’s letter to Private Road homeowners is attached as well as the Right of Entry form.
ROE Letter>  ROE Form>

Completing the Right of Entry form does not commit you to subscribing to Highline’s service at any time.  Currently, Highline is running this fiber optic cable at no charge to residents as part of a federal grant. If they are unable to lay this cable on a private road because of a lack of a Right of Entry form and are asked to come back at a later date, this will likely be done at the homeowner(s) expense.

For those of you living on private roads, our ask of you is simple- please reach out to your neighbors and assure that they have received this information and are willing to complete the Right of Entry form with Highline. If they did not receive this post, then please forward this to them.

If you have any questions about your private road installation – please contact Joe Erickson at 906-280-6298 or joe.erickson@highlinefast.com.

Any other questions, please feel free to contact Yvonne Clark, Trustee, at 906-477-3029 or John Oliver, Trustee at 847-639-7978.

Watersmeet Broadband Task Force
Yvonne Clark, Trustee
John Oliver, Trustee
Bob McGuffin
Greg Clark