Online learning and affordable wireless internet are now available in Watersmeet

The NMU Educational Access Network (EAN) is a personal broadband connection that allows students to connect to their school’s network to meet their educational needs.

The NMU Educational Access Network is a best-effort LTE service provided by Northern Michigan University without data caps or reduced speeds. At NMU, we believe the cost and coverage of broadband internet service shouldn’t stop access to learning.

The EAN is a creative and affordable way of bringing high-speed educational broadband with a full range of educational opportunities to rural America. The EAN’s epicenter is located at Northern Michigan University, the educational leader of technology in the Upper Peninsula.

The goal of the Educational Access Network (EAN) is to provide broadband access and educational resources to individuals looking to take courses, advance their careers, fulfill personal development needs, explore new topics, or regularly exercise their brains.

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