Special Message from Treasurer for 2023 Property Tax Payments

In the past, the township accepted post-marks in determining whether property tax payments had been made before the September deadline for Summer Taxes and the February deadline for Winter Taxes. Beginning with the Summer 2023 tax season post-marks will no longer be accepted as a payment date.

As you know the US Postal Service doesn’t always process correspondence in a timely manner. When mailing payments to the township for your property taxes please allow plenty of time for us to receive them.

You can receive a receipt with a self-addressed envelope as in the past. If you don’t do this you can always contact my office by email, treasurer@watersmeet.us, or by phone (906) 358-4501, to verify that I have received your payment.

If you pay your taxes after either the September or February deadline date, please contact my office to find out the exact amount that is due prior to sending any payments to me.

If you make a payment for Winter Taxes that arrives in my office after February 29th it will be returned to you as Gogebic County doesn’t honor checks that are made out to Watersmeet Township. Beginning March 1st each year you need to contact the Gogebic County Treasurer directly to find out the amount due at (906) 663-4517.

The township doesn’t accept credit card payments for taxes at the present time, only cash, personal checks, bank drafts, or money orders.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at treasurer@watersmeet.us, or phone (906) 358-4501.

Paul D. Kemppainen
Watersmeet Township Treasurer